What is the Negative Connotation of Smartness?

Intelligence can be used in the sense of being very proficient at thinking and learning, or in the sense of speaking or behaving in an impolite or discourteous manner, and being disrespectful. Structures are made of “smart glass” that makes them opaque after a user enters and closes the door. Analysts often say Huang's focus on Arm's energy efficiency is smart. Not all of these shows are good, some are pretty bad, but you may still feel smart for watching them.

Amazon continues to lead the smart speaker market, while Google and Apple have the advantage of having their voice assistants integrated into smartphones. In May, and again this fall, the district launched “smart buses with Wi-Fi access points” in areas without reliable Internet access. Furthermore, increasingly intelligent navigation aids in the cockpit brought much more accuracy and efficiency to route planning. A woman in a fancy uniform scribbles tickets for a growing line of tourists eager to take a trip on the old-fashioned train.

In 2000, it was often said that Jeb was “the smart brother”. Many British pubs have been wise enough to understand this and respond. Thorgerson and Powell turned to video and film as a wise move given the emergence of MTV. During the first week, not a day went by without intelligent skirmishes.

Then, summoning an intelligent young jemadar with whom he had talked a lot during the trip, he asked him to read the chit. It was there that he wanted to retire to a small and delicate hotel of his own with an intelligent clientele. Connotation is an idea or feeling that evokes a word. If something has a positive connotation, it will evoke warm feelings.

Meanwhile, something with a negative connotation will make someone feel less than pleasant. Calling someone “detailed” when you want to say they are a “great conversationalist” may not convey that. Your tone might imply that they talk too much or that it's lovely to be around them. In the following example sentences of positive and negative connotations, you'll be able to take a look at both sides of the coin.

These pairs of positive and negative sentences will show you how words that are actually synonymous with each other can appear warm, neutral, or very cold. Uniqueness is similar to beauty; there's nothing wrong with being special. Strange, however, has a very negative connotation. Wearing an intelligence mark is a big compliment. Nowadays, for the most part, “nerd” can be a term of endearment.

But, there is still a hint of negativity in the word, as if the person was not “cool”.

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