What Does Smart Mean Slang-wise?

When it comes to slang, the word 'smart' is often used to describe someone who is intelligent. It can also be used to refer to someone who is well-dressed and sophisticated, or a wise person who is daring and clever. For example, you might say that someone had the intelligence to take precautions such as wiping away their fingerprints, keeping their hood up, and leaving all their arphids at home. The SMART Lab is an organization that researches and develops new technologies to make US infrastructure 'smart', secure, and cost-effective.

General Johnston was criticized for the campaign that resulted in the loss of Donelson. Romney was attacked during his time as the head of Bain Capital, a Boston-based private equity firm he founded. People rose up to fight and dispersed for safety, leaving their enemy unable to attack due to lack of a billet. The term 'smart' can also be used to refer to someone's knowledge of street life and slang.

It can be used in casual environments to describe someone's intelligence. For instance, you might say that someone has the intelligence to grow the economic pie more than others, thus ending up with a larger portion for themselves. From time to time, people try to remove the stinger that has accumulated over time from these intelligent compunctions by attending outdoor divine services. The CPSC has reported a problem related to the use of incorrect screws during the installation of smart doorbells.

Her tenderness and marked affection were somehow able to calm the pain of the girl's feelings. Master Heriot speaks in cold blood and this hurts people who have been inflicted with a thousand evils under the mask of friendship. His eye hurts or itches; and without thinking, he rubs it with a finger covered with magical ointment. Google's voice recognition means he understands most of the questions you ask him, and the navigation app powered by Google Maps is smart enough to know your battery's state of charge so that it can tell you when it needs charging on the go.

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