7 Steps to Effectively Set Goals

Identifying what is most important in life is the first step to effectively setting goals. Goals must have a benefit to you in order to stay committed to them. Writing down a goal is the next step, as it provides an exact amount of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it. An action plan should be created that includes the overall goal and all the steps needed to achieve it.

Taking action is the next step, as each step should lead to another until the goal is completed. Clarity is key, as it represents 80% of success and happiness. Writing down goals and creating a plan for the future helps with clarity. It is important to focus on one goal at a time, as having too many goals can make it difficult to achieve any of them.

Developing the power of impulse by doing something every day that leads to an important goal is also important. Project management techniques can be used to ensure a clear and realistic plan for achieving the goal. Writing down goals makes them real and tangible, and discussing them with others can help make sure they are right for you. Finally, setting difficult goals can help motivate employees.

Seven Steps

to Effectively Set Goals: Identify, Set, Plan, Take Action, Clarity, Focus, Impulse, Project Management, Write Down, Discuss, Difficult Goals.

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